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When I became a pet owner, I didn't realize how difficult my new way of life would be. Unfortunately, after a few days I found myself largely overwhelmed with all of my new responsibilities. My pet took a lot out of me, including my ability to leave the house without making arrangements first. However, one day when my dog fell off of a steep embankment, my priorities instantly shifted in the right direction. As I rushed my dog to the veterinarian, all I could think about was getting my sweet little pup the help she needed. My blog talks about veterinary care for new pet owners, so that you can keep your animals safe.


Kennel Cough? Understanding And Preventing Kennel Cough With The Bordetella Vaccine

12 February 2016
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Bringing a dog into your home and family's life is an exciting experience, but it requires a great deal of discipline and responsibility. From feeding and exercising to training and healthcare, there are many tasks necessary to keep your dog healthy and happy. Unfortunately, you may not be focusing enough on your dog's vaccinations. Considering the Bordetella vaccination is associated with preventing kennel cough, it may not seem like a necessity since you do not board your dog. Read More …

4 Common Canine Chew Toys that Require Owner Supervision

9 July 2015
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Dogs are known to unexpectedly chew, or shred through, a host of highly inconvenient items, ranging from shoes and electronics to furniture and building materials. Therefore, it is mind boggling to think that specially designed chew toys can pose a hazard to your dog's health. Unfortunately, both young pups and full-grown  dogs can greedily tear through these chew toys and literally bite off more than they can chew. Thankfully, knowing which toys to avoid letting your dog handle without supervision can prevent the majority of accidents. Read More …